Fresh Strawberry Waffle
A mound of Fresh or Frozen Juicy Berries topped with Whipped Cream. Dusted with Powdered Sugar and served with Strawberry Syrup.

Belgian Waffle
A delicate golden Waffle served with Whipped Butter and Syrup.

Apple Waffle
Fresh Diced Apples baked into the Waffle with Sikiyan Cinnamon, served with Apple Nectar.

Blueberry Waffle
Plump Blueberries in the batter, served with Blueberry Compote and dusted with Powdered Sugar.

Pecan Waffle
Fresh Toasted Georgia Pecans mixed in the batter and sprinkled on top. Dusted with Powdered Sugar.

Bacon Waffle
Crisp bits of our special recipe Bacon cooked in the Batter.